Hockey Signup

🏒2023-24 Hockey Registration🏒

Wednesday, Aug. 9th

4-7pm @ Crosby Community Center

FREE 🍔 for each registered player!

😋 Hockey Kitchen Open to the public! 🤤

The Crosby Blue Line Club continues to be a volunteer run club. 👍🏻 We pride ourselves in the fact that our registration fees are the most affordable hockey fees in the state. 💰 The volunteer hours and efforts of our parents, grandparents, and supporters make that possible. There will be an information sheet outlining parental involvement and expectations for the season available when you register, and members available to help answer any questions.

Please have your players registered with USA Hockey and bring their USA hockey number to this registration.

*All hockey moms (returning and new), please report to the kitchen for information on a policy change 📝

Looking 🤩 forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday!!